The Otherlife Blog Tour

Here’s something totally thrilling: a blog tour! Once upon a time I did not know what a blog tour was; now I get to have one of my very own… seven lovely bloggers are hosting seven posts (by me) over seven days, covering all sorts of things from literary tutors to things I learned when I was writing the book.

I’m very grateful to Andersen Press for organising this, and to all the bloggers for being such gracious hosts. So pleased that I got to meet some of you at YALC!

Otherlife blog tour graphic

Day 1: My favourite antiheroes at Teens On Moon Lane

Day 2: Writing lessons learned at Almost Amazing Grace

Day 3: The Otherlife A-Z at The Reader’s Corner

Day 4: My favourite literary tutors at LaChouett

Day 5: My ‘Bookish Firsts’ at Winged Reviews

Day 6: 7 Things I’m Looking Forward to at YALC at Tales of Yesterday

Day 7: 4 Stories That Inspired The Otherlife at Blabbering About Books