New EP: Songs for Nora Tobias

Something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time is to record music to go with a book of mine, and I am very happy to say that LITTLE LIAR will have an EP to go with it called SONGS FOR NORA TOBIAS.*

I wrote the music over the last six months, once the book was fully edited and finished, thinking about Nora, my narrator, and her fickle relationships – with herself, the concept of the truth, and the people around her. She’s a difficult person in many ways, which made it a challenge to create songs in her voice – but it was also exciting to give her a chance to relate yet other versions of the stories she has already told.

There are five songs on the EP. Here’s the tracklisting:

Prelude (Can We Be Bad)

Little Liar


Nora’s Story

Here & Now

I worked with producer, singer-songwriter and good friend Gronk at his studio in Tonbridge in April and May. Beautiful upright bass came courtesy of Mark Rose. The EP will be available digitally from the 8th June, and physical CDs will be available from bandcamp (precise date to be confirmed).

Here is a little glimpse of the cover shoot (in my parents’ garden) by the sublimely talented Annick Wolfers – I will share the finished cover very soon.

I will be playing all the songs from the EP at the Hospital Club on the 7th June in a double celebration of book and music. Booking details here.

*It’s probably important to note that the book and the EP can, of course, be enjoyed (or not, as the case may be) on their own. There’s no requirement to read/listen to/like one because you have read, listened to or liked the other.