Prelude (Can We Be Bad?) 

Can we be bad? 

Not some cartoonish crazy, or manhating mad. 

Maybe it’s not so easy 

To paint a picture in more colours than black and white and red

But there’s a palette-full of others, that could be used instead 


Can we be cruel

Complex and conflicted 

Break every rule that the writers have scripted 

The evil that men do can women do as well

Or should that be as badly, who can tell


We could be bad 

Not to say we’re supposed to

But there’s a choice to be had

We could if we chose to 

You could paint a picture in black and white and pink

But that picture could be bigger

Don’t you think


Can we be bad 


I could be bad 

Doesn’t mean I’m not sorry 

Doesn’t mean I’m not sad 

To have caused you such worry 

I guess I just invite you to consider what I do

Ask yourself hon what you would have done if it had been you 


Little Liar


Told a story of many parts

Told a story of many strands 

For the kindling of minds 

The melting of hearts 

The wringing of hands 

And the winning of friends 


Knew my listeners, their notions and their needs 

As a fortune teller reads an open palm 

It’s a question of voice

And a question of tone 

Choose your words wisely, my love

Say them like a charm


In among the victories, the undiscovered crimes 

But I wonder sometimes 


What if every time I shouted fire 

You only answered little liar 

Oh and if I promised not to deceive

What if you answered little liar 

I do not believe you 


I told a story in many ways: 

Tragic accident, terrible disease 

Mysterious disappearance.

I knew my audience;

I had enough experience 

The know the best lies come in threes 

I lied for camouflage; I lied for shame, 

Was like a game with a wheel to spin 

I lied for freedom, I lied for fun 

I lied about the things I wished I could have done 

I lied to win 


Was all so easy and it all seemed so true 

But I wonder sometimes and I still do 


I told a story so very well 

I told a story so very tall 

That no-one could see, no-one but me 

That a castle made of fairydust and cobwebs 

Is liable to fall 

But still I lied; I lied for grief 

Hidden in a drawer and seldom seen 

I lied for the thrill of love and belief 

I lied for the people I had lost, and the ones I’d never been 

Told a story of many parts

Told a story of many strands 

For the kindling of minds 

The melting of hearts 

The wringing of hands 

And the winning of friends 




The mirror cracks, the raven talks

A woman opens up a box

And watches in surprise 

The forest walks, the river burns

Upon a dime the planet turns 

The oceans meet the skies 

Stranger at the library door

And I am changed for evermore 

A duckling to a swan 

Queenly sweep of silken sleeve

And everything that I believed is wrong 


It only takes a single twist

A flicker of a bracelet on a wrist 

A telephone to ring 

Freeze the frame; the world is still 

I feel the same but know I never will be 

In anything, Annabel

A lunar scholar knows the phases 

Of the moon, and so I followed you, 

And I am following 


Caviar and feathers fine 

A hotel bar, a chorus line 

A new scene to rehearse 

I learned the things that you preferred 

I hung upon your every word 

I read you like a verse 

The things we do just to belong 

And yes I knew that it was wrong 

But still I couldn’t stop 

A poisoned chalice is a thrill

Into Wonderland I fell 

And chased another drop


Stranger at the library door 

I am changed for evermore 

With a wave of magic wand 

We stand upon a wooded slope 

And see the world we know, and hope to see a wider world beyond


Nora’s Story 


The lights on the harbour were dreamy and bright 

As we swayed arm in arm down the sun warmed street 

We should not have gone to the party last night 

But there were places to go, she said, people to meet 

Twelve hours later; I stand here alone 

At this glass fronted restaurant where you wait for your daughter 

I am not her keeper nor her chaperone 

But I should have made certain we went home together 


She’s probably missing her keys or her clothes

Where she is currently nobody knows


I’m oh so sorry to tell you; oh so sorry to say 

I know she hoped she would be here 

But she will not be coming today 


The bar on the beach where the music was hard

The effortless terrace, the picture folk swarming,

The house in the hills, the security guard

Who called me a taxi at three in the morning

The sweet-smelling jasmine that clung to the wall 

Like an autograph hunter in search of its prey

Clear as a bell, I remember it all 

And the look on her face when she told me she’d stay 


Isn’t it funny, isn’t it sad  

She’s missing the best chance that she’s ever had


Morning came quietly over the sea 

From a deep dreamless sleep I opened my eyes 

The apartment was quiet, quiet as could be 

She hadn’t come home, it was no surprise

Quick over cobblestone walkways I came

Hurried and hot, hardly knowing the way 

And no way of knowing who is to blame 

I’m sorrier, sorrier than I can say 


Here and Now 


Summer finds me in silence

Without a stage to tread 

Far from the noise and the violence 

Of the scene that I have fled 

I find myself in the quietness 

I was hard to find 

All of my life I was looking 

Pretended I didn’t mind 


Don’t want to go nowhere else, when I know 

The land is a gladsome round 

Have you ever seen more blue or more green 

Has there been a peace more profound 

Than the here and now 


A changeling came to the wilderness 

In search of the same release

You can wear any old.costume she.tells me 

Layer it piece by piece 

But nothing suits like the truth does it 

Nothing is easier to wear 

All.of the clothes that you had in your closet 

Have vanished into the air 


Maybe we’ll drift like cargo ships 

Maybe we’ll stay as friends

With secrets we trade like casino chips 

Maybe it just depends 

I like to think that one day 

We’ll remember the fun we had 

We’ll talk over gin and a biscuit tin 

Of the good things we did and the bad 


All lyrics Copyright Julia Gray 2018