She was no match for no she was no match for me
All she believed in were patterns and poetry
She had an illusion about the goodness of humankind
She made no provision for my untidy mind
I swept him out from under her, how could she compete
A cat with nine lives lands upon its feet – I do believe

I was a robber bride, I stole the world,
All in the dead of night, Like milk from your doorstep
I was an open flame, I stole the world
I didn’t feel ashamed, I made my own footsteps
Oh thieves don’t wear black and white stripes
No thieves don’t care less
All you need to be a robber bride are your gauntlets

She was no match for no she was no match for me
All she cared for was a kind of accountancy
Money is nice, but it’s men that are fun to steal
The thrill of the chase is always the main appeal
I catch them off their guard; they catch me like a cold
I sell a story endless ages old – were you never told

You are no match for no you are no match for me
All you consider are figures from history
See these are my armies, my modern-day spoils of war
Don’t start a fight you don’t have the stomach for
And don’t start believing I repent me all my sins
I will still protest my innocence as another one begins