Long December


Time will always try to change the colour of his shoes before he tails you

One of these autumnal days you’ll turn around and find him face to face with you

You never saw the man in the army coat and jeans

Lines along his hands, and a shade of nicotine around his eyes

Oh Time will always take you by surprise


Consonants and vowels have made the vows that I have tried to set in stone

Mortar for my meaning oh but Time will make it nothing more than styrofoam

It’s coming like a current from a source up in the hills

Everyone’s a prisoner and no-one’s going to get him to stand still

Oh Time will always make you sleep alone


How am I going to cross the river

How am I going to build a boat

It’s going to be a long December

It’s going to be a long way to go


Somewhere in the Underworld, where lanterns fade and shadows swallow you

I am bargaining with Time cause all I want to do is come and follow you

He’s waiting at the gate for your money and your hand,

I’m standing on the other side and looking out along a no man’s land

Time will always come to take you home


All that we could say before when we had time

Is the road is always longer for the one that’s left behind