I am not the night

That you came for, hoped to find

Reaching for a name for in your mind

I am not the night

The fairytale of the witch in the ivy cave

Mixing in my elixir every detail

Of your grave

I am not the night

I am not the night that you come to

I am not the night

Your day undone

No I am not the one

I am not the night

The glowing orb of a wanted truth unknown

And your eyes are mute with an accusation

You tell me, ‘Lila, Lila I can’t make it on my own’

But you don’t know what to look for, baby

You don’t know what to see

Your true love lives on a lilac island

Far away from here, far away from me

I am not the night…

Come now, let’s talk for a minute

Are you lost in the forest

Are there animals in it

I see snakes in the prisonlike trees

And the tendrils beckon like All Hell’s Furies

I’ve been a victim of bedtime stories more than you

And before the light creeps in below my faded blind

I will have traveled out of my own mind

Cause you are the night, the pale skull

That smiles down on my lifeboat

You are the knife that’s held at my throat

By the Highwayman down at the old inn door

You’re the night, the sliver of sinew

Curled like a question mark in my head

You are the anagram of words unsaid

Oh yes you are

Yes you are

And I come to you

You’re the night

My day undone

You’re the night

You’re the night

Yes you are