Here I embroider my vision
From ornery needle and thread
Going to take up my fabric and fashion
An artefact out of my head
Going to paint it with all my acquaintance
The photographs I have stored
Who gave a value to judgement
Who said a word is sword

Oh the writing grew like blue roses
Bright as a morning for the people who noticed
When the rains came
They fell like a wall
And the people were waiting for something more

Here I collect my convictions
Arrange them in cases of steel
Lady you came with your comments
Was all I could do not to feel
But see here these arrowheads gleaming
Fishhooks whittled from bone
You’ll never stop me dreaming
You’ll never get blood from this stone

Here I design my intentions
Assemble my quilt piece by piece
A marriage of thoughts is a sentence
And I draw form the west and the east
And my needle is all out of shape now
My fingers are swollen and sore
But I still will not bend to your judgments
What are you judging me for