I was born in London and still live there today. I always wanted to be a writer of some kind, though along the way I harboured dreams of being a cartoonist and a professional netball player (position: Goal Shooter). I love words and music, separately and together.

My teenage years were spent writing songs, playing the piano in darkened rooms and listening to Joni Mitchell, Tom Lehrer and Metallica. I co-wrote a musical that whimsically wondered what might happen if Trotsky returned from the grave, and played my first gig at the Kashmir Klub at the age of eighteen.

While studying Classics at UCL I co-founded the trip-hop band Second Person with Mark Maclaine and Alvaro Lopez, and over the next seven years we released three independent albums – Chromatography, The Elements, and Come to Dust. In 2008 I returned to acoustic music and recorded my solo album I Am Not The Night with producer Tristan Ivemy. My followup album, Robber Bride, was produced by award-winning South African producer Paul Ressel and supported by the Arts Council. It was released in June 2014.

I have a post-graduate certificate in Children’s Literature and an MA in Creative Writing from Birkbeck. My debut novel The Otherlife was published by Andersen Press in July 2016; Little Liar will be published in June 2018.