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The Otherlife

I’ve written a book. It’s a book about Norse myths, and heavy metal, and school. It’s a book about the growing friendship between two boys: one charming, self-centred and ruthless, who has everything he’s ever wanted; the other is silent and secretive and wrapped in visions of a mysterious alternate realm he calls ‘The Otherlife’…. Read more »


Cove Park

I spent three weeks at Cove Park in July and August this year, working on a new book. There is nothing more conducive to concentration than silence, no internet, no phone, the slate-coloured streak of Loch Long visible through the windows of your live/work ‘cube’ and some very tranquil cows… I don’t know when I’ll… Read more »


The Mark Watkins Music Show

Thank you to Mark Watkins from Blast 1386 for talking to me – I loved being a part of the show. Whole show on Mixcloud, where he plays Robber Bride and A Long December, and also interviews Fiona Jane Burgess from Woman’s Hour. Interview with me as an mp3 below – we discuss Joni Mitchell, the… Read more »

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